Waste to Energy

We work with suitable technology suppliers to convert waste to energy on ANY scale. From 1ton per day to > 1000 tons per day. Particularly we offer a unique solution for medium sized municipalities and cities. They have developed a pre-fabricated and modular waste- to-energy power plant to offer emerging countries an alternative method for combined waste management and power generation. Utilizing waste otherwise destined for landfills taps into an endless renewable fuel source in local power generation and reduces greenhouse gas emission significantly. It also supports the core principles of circular and sustainable economy.

These power plants are suitable for any waste quantity. A single unit can incinerate the MSW of about 200,000 people, while a decentralized solution can serve cities with millions of inhabitants. Locating the smaller size units close to the origin of the waste creates huge savings potential in the waste management and logistics.

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The W2E power plant technology is based on the well-proven grate incineration technology, where the fed-in waste fraction moves forward on the reciprocating grate through the combustion phases; drying, pyrolysis and char combustion. Eventually the burn residue, the so called ‘bottom ash’, falls off into a cooling pool. Primary air is fed through the grate to support full combustion. It also acts as a cooling media for the grate reducing the need for maintenance work. Depending on the composition, and thus the calorific value of the waste, the incineration capacity varies between five and seven tons per hour.


The WOIMA Ecosystem combines different waste-to-value technologies to extract maximum customer value out of different waste streams, while reducing the unusable waste quantity to a bare minimum. Key pieces in the ecosystem are the waste pre-sorting, waste recycling or waste-to-fuel solutions, as well as waste-to-energy solutions, such as biogas production, waste incineration or gasification and pyrolysis.

The WOIMA Ecosystem accepts all the waste streams, solid and liquid, that societies generate; municipal, industrial and commercial waste, wastewater sludge and animal waste, to mention a few. Each waste stream has its own dedicated technical solution that generates either end-products, raw material for other solutions or energy. Internal ecosystem synergies ensure that one plus one equals more than two.


Biogas is a microbially derived product from the anaerobic digestion of organic putrescible wastes. For projects where wastes are to wet to be burnt and where the organic content lends itself to be used to generate gas, we can support with technologies to generate this gas, process it and beneficiate it further as either a biomethane fuel or electricity and heat.

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Animal By-Products

Modern and efficient animal by-product rendering mills streamline the meat supply chain profitably. Potential revenue in the meat production is lost unless by- products are recycled to valuable commodities. We can help you to utilize the by- products in a profitable way. Efficient waste management is a cornerstone of any society. Recycling the supply chain by-products to produce high quality end-products creates additional revenue streams. Rendering plants process animal by-products into fat and meat bone meal. These can be sold in the world market or utilized locally in bio fuel production or as animal feed.


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