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Witech Development Corporation seeks to develop projects not just for the bottom line but also to better humanity as a whole. These energy, waste and water projects are sorely needed in today's world to ensure a better future for all. Along with new job creation in the sustainable economy of the future we invite partners to engage in unlocking better value at grass roots level.

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About Kevin

My background is in Freight Logistic and HR huge projects, I have been an entrepreneur & working for myself since 1994 and I have built and sold a few businesses. I then went on successfully consulting for two listed group on the JSE. I consider myself to first be a professional salesman, a self made man with many good stories to tell but I make sure that we always deliver on our word.

I bought Witech Africa –established in 1970 - as a going concern in the late 90's when 'Y2K' was a the in thing and when we all valued WIFI & the Internet as the next modem to conduct sound business, let alone did we know how huge it would become; 'Wi' could very well be the first word of 'WiFi' but we ike to say that 'Wi' stands for 'Waste-Incineration' which is our core activity and the first sanitation type of technology we started rolling out in 2016 inpartnership with ever so reliable & ingenious Fins and since 2018 with water Austrian experts.

With the huge interest we received from the onset with various stakeholders, developpers and project sponsors I went on creating another three 'Witech's' in France, South Africa and in Bulgaria.

The most difficult thing in business in my opinion to carefully chose the right partners, the right technology (and providers) to roll out and to systematically engage with the right project sponsors whom have drive to achieve lenghy projects and whom must share the same vision one does.

We are lucky in that respect as I believe that we represent the very best technology partners and I am very proud to be in business with both our selected few equipment suppliers and business partners; our clients benefit from this dynamic mix of people.

We have a great Team and very exciting project which will resolve huge environmental issues, both on the water and waste side. More so we believe in what we do, we love what we do including our growing project developping capabilities which we put to the service of our cients.

Our mission is focused on reducing and on treating the World waste; whether it be municipal waste, all none toxic streams of wastes or treating water. We concentrate on bankable & proven modular technology which our tech providers are roll out quicker than the norm, which norm can be relocated at ease. The equipments we commercialise are robust enough to last the test of time, simple to run.

- In doing so we are able to bring affortdable Power to those whom secure enough waste and of course Fresh Water for those whom need it the most -

I like to think that water is becoming a rare fluid pearl one could find in an arid desert or falling from the sky so its magic source of Life needs to be preserved and nursed, that waste is first an attitude & behaviour that we all need to learn about and to master; That Energy on the other hand is an irreplaceable source that one cannot see or touch but needed to power our homes, our economies and industries.

- Our Vision is to bring lasting and commercially viable solutions to those whom engage with us –

About Eric

After many years spent in business development in fields as diverse as advertising or the movie industry, I have decided to dedicate myself to green technology, more precisely to develop sustainable solutions related to waste. With the creation of Witech France, together with my long time friend and partner Kevin Gesseau, we intend to adapt the Waste to Energy and Water treatment solutions already developed in Africa in France and its West Indies. This same strategy has also led to the creation in the Balkans of Witech Black Sea, since Waste to Energy and Water treatment are the two sides of the same coin to contribute to make the planet a more sustainable place to live, wherever these solutions might be applied.

At Witech Group, we really believe that business opportunities and environmental awareness are finally complementary. After a thorough reflection upon ourselves on how to make a difference in the business of environment, we have chosen to work with people who have adopted an innovative approach to bring totally new solutions to environmental issues.

Hence a first agency agreement with WOIMA, the inventor of the first modular waste to energy plant in the world. Flexible, and adjustable, this new plant introduce a total change in the waste to energy market, where it's not anymore the waste that goes to the plant, but the plant that goes to the waste. This new approach substantially reduce CO2 costs by multiplying opportunities to close local waste landfills, and limiting waste transportation. And these adaptable solutions apply everywhere, with MSW in Africa, or with RDF in France or Bulgaria.

The modular adjustable approach also allows us to be as close as possible to our clients, the energy off-takers, whether they need steam heat, cold or industrial steam.

Modularity is now becoming a trademark of Witech Group, the same logic is spreading to the Water Filtration market. With ACON, Witech France discovered that water filtration issues are not only African issues, but finds its owns application for instance in Corsica, or in the French West indies.

The need for a more decentralized approach of Waste Management and Water treatment is confirmed every day, as a global awakening to the protection of the environment.

Truly, nothing is more stimulating for an entrepreneur when its business merges with a vital mission for a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

This is how Witech Group was born, and how it will live on and prosper.

About Peter

Hello I am Peter Buchegger and CEO of ACON Environment GmbH from Austria - Europe. I would like to briefly introduce here our company and our water treatment and wastewater treatment products. This is in line with Chapter 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation - of the UN Sustainable Development Program adopted by 193 countries in 2015. This should make possible that significantly more people have access to clean, healthy water than before. Water is a precious commodity and only a small part of the world's population has access to clean water or sanitation.

The ACON Environment GmbH has been dealing for years with the topics of water treatment and wastewater treatment. We at ACON have decades of experience in water treatment and quality improvement. In Austria, water treatment is usually a requirement in industries e.g. breweries, dairies, etc. However, the generally very good water quality in our water pipes is not enough. For this reason, ultrafiltration systems are used to get the required water quality. Water desalination is also an important issue. For effective desalination water usually a high pressure is required. Energy can be saved here with our reverse osmosis technology.

Wastewater treatment has always been an enormously important field. The pollution of rivers and lakes and thus also the endangerment of the groundwater can be prevented by a suitable wastewater treatment. In the tourist areas, there is the additional requirement of highly fluctuating wastewater volumes. We from ACON set early on the biological clarification. This can avoid unnecessary chemical use and save money. Industrial wastewater is often very problematic especially from slaughterhouses, dairies, breweries, etc. Again, we have very good technology approaches that we have already used successfully internationally.

With the WDC we have found an International Cooperation Partner for Africa, who knows our ideas and experiences. With Kevin Gesseau and his team we have very competent contact persons directly on site. We have also created the possibility to finance the financing of water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants and to refinance them in the long term through water usage fees.

About Darius

Darius Boshoff is dynamic process engineer in the African renewable energy space. He has a passion for the firm principles of responsible resource utilisation and sustainable engineering. Darius exhibits a keen eye for business too and founded Energidrop to address the skills, innovation and technology shortage in the African renewable energy market. He has been operating and growing the company successfully since 2014. Mr Boshoff has designed, developed and implemented numerous novel technologies in the energy space. Starting off in the nuclear industry as part of the first team to set up the Nuclear Fuel Cycle in South Africa in anticipation of the South African Nuclear build.

After a revelation of how unsustainable human society and industry has become on planet earth, he moved over to the renewable energy field in 2010. This exposed him to new technologies that involved gasification, biogas and other waste to energy systems. Here, he would pilot and develop several locally designed plants and built gasification and biogas processing systems in South Africa. As part of his career development, Darius has been exposed to the waste management industry though process engineering at one of the largest waste management companies in South Africa. He has done many feasibilities, including both technical and financial evaluations, which gives him the commercial tools for prudent evaluation of projects.

After some fruitful years in the waste management industry Darius decided in 2014 to start Energidrop with the aim of furthering alternative energy solutions with an innovative approach. During this time, he was chosen as a lead technical consultant for KMPG Finland in the EEP grant fund process and assisted in the technical evaluation and measurement & evaluation of over 30 projects in Africa. This involved assisting developers in adequately addressing gaps in their proposals and motivating different viable renewable energy business models to grant fund managers.

During this period he has also expanded his reach into the solar field where Energidrop was awarded a R250 000 prize for an innovative design for utilising mobile solar PV technology with the Green City Startup in 2015. This concept is in further development currently to be rolled out in 2019. Through his love for invention and technology development Darius spends much of his spare time through Energidrop with engineering students where he seeks to inspire them and give them vacation work experience in an environment that emulates the Silicon Valley start-up model for rapid innovation and prototyping. With a strong drive and a will to make a difference, Darius can implement his specialised skillset and expertise to ensure the success of renewable projects.

In recent years Darius has teamed up with other professionals to form Witech Development Corporation (focusing on provision of packaged thermal waste to energy and water purification solutions) and Diversified Energy Holdings, as a Pan African bioenergy development and investment company.

About Brian

I'm Brian Mo as the founder and executive Director of Shredwell Recycling, our company Shredwell is a professional manufacturer of turnkey shredding and recycling. We do our own R&D and we can design bespoke equipment tailored to specific industrial needs, also systems for various waste material such as scrap tyres, metals, MSW, paper.

In the past years we have completed installations in Italy, Poland, Canada, Australia, Vietnam, India..., we have established a good reputation as we insisted to provide qualified equipment and service. Our technology and equipment are being widely used in WTE project with the purpose to make pre-shredding of the waste materials to ensure them as good SRF/RDF feeding to power station. We are leaders in our field.

Based on the good cooperation relationship with Kevin Gesseau and his group of companies under the Witech Group umbrella., we are working together in the shredding equipment and SRF/RDF space with a number of exciting projects on the go on the African Continent.