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From a vast pool of partners and experienced team members we provide several services aimed at ensuring proper project development and execution.

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Pre-feasibility Studies

WDC has identified how difficult it is for our clients to bring a project over the line. We therefore offer a wide range of studies to help bridge the numerous milestones of Waste to Energy and Water Projects. Our Team is flexible enough to undertake projects in difficult locations. We are versed in English, French, Portuguese, German, Bulgarian, Russian, Zulu and Afrikaans and we are able to source specialized skills on a case by case basis.

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Waste Characterization

Waste is Fuel and all energy projects need to secure the right type of 'Fuel'. Our Team has done waste characterizations, fuel sampling and analysis and sorting trials throughout the African continent. We boast a very good waste database. Tests are done at reputable South African as well as Finnish laboratories, vetted by our equipment's partners and engineers. Why does waste need to be tested? Being the fuel, one needs to make sure that it is suited for the plants we sell. This is the key element in a waste to energy project.

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Environmental Assesment

Large investments linked to waste to energy projects require the project sponsor and investors undergo a thorough study to calculate and evaluate the impact the equipment might have on the environment. Most banks and funds make it one of the most important requirements that an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) be done before they even start a due diligence. WDC sources and or vets the selection of EIA companies for our clients. We also often allocate a project manager (dedicated resources) to help the EIA company gather the necessary technical information for them to conduct their EIA in the most optimum conditions.

Resourcing for the Waste Sector

We are able to source, find and appoint staff specialised in the waste management sector. These can act as in-house team members for clients or part time consultants that understand the impact of uncontrolled waste on our World. We bring to our client experienced knowhow and solutions to recycle, handle manage, dispose, pack, move (logistics) waste using the latest technology.


EPCM refers to Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management. We provide this critical resource through our Finnish Partners who have immense experience to deliver turn-key solutions to our customers. All construction items and tasks are designed and planned before hand in a way that optimises work flow.

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We are able to offer operations and maintenance solutions for all the equipment we sell into the market. We can source, train and payroll all staff. In the Waste to Energy field our Finnish partner WOIMA Corporation, business is operating, maintaining and managing the wasteWOIMA® power plants and their auxiliary equipment. WOIMAcare® is unrivaled in its capability to service the WOIMA products. With access to the OEM knowledge center in our headquarters, where the WOIMA worldwide service experience and operational wasteWOIMA® data is consolidated, we are able to successfully deliver proven industry practices to any locality in order to maximize the investment returns from your wasteWOIMA® power plant. In our Water Sanitation Solutions division with ACON, we want to encourage smaller local operators to manage and operate the running and maintenance of the modular water plants therefore contributing to SME development.

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   Funding and Project    Matchmaking

   The WDC team helps introduce project    developers and funders in our network to    each others to facilitate project development.    We have dealt with both sides of the fence    and know what the requirements of bankers    are and what the pressing needs of passionate    entrepreneurs and social developers are and    what is needed financially to bridge the gap    during the development and execution phases.    sWe understand the funding requirements    during phases and know how to analyse the    project financially to discern the best projects    from the rest.