In order to optimize our waste to energy power plants it is preferred to recycle the re-usable components and improve quality of the waste (our fuel). It is even more important for us all to begin to recycle in the comfort of our homes. Recycling starts with us - as individuals first - we are all equally responsible for the things we throw away without any consideration to our environment.

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Due to poor upstream recycling we were oblidged to bring a number of technologies which are used in different applications, depending on the types of waste you generate or wish to treat and also depending what kind of output you wish to redeem from your industrial recycling activities. Recycling will bring various streams of revenues to your business which we boast we can help you achieve.

Transfer Station

With our partners, we have managed and advised clients on a number of transfer waste station for municipalities. From equipment to resourcing the right staff in order for your company to comply with their municipal waste management contracts.

Waste Pre-Sorting

Waste per definition is a mix of unwanted materials. Pre-sorting can be automated or done manually and is set up based on the waste and the desired collectables. Typically, waste is fed into a shredder opening the bags and crushing the large objects. Crushed waste runs on a conveyor belt, where a magnet removes the ferrous metals, onto a screen that will separate small particles, like biowaste, sand, soil and ashes that are hard to pick by hand. Recyclables can then be removed and baled for sale. Biowaste can be used in biogas generation or composted. Finally, the remaining residues should be converted to energy to minimise landfilling!


We bring in and deliver, commission robust shredders which will shred most material processed, from cars to municipal waste, to bio- mass. What would you like us to shred?

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The some of the machinery we sell manufactures Solid Recovered Fuel for a wide range of applications and CV quality. We analyse your waste and then advise the right equipment to produce an industrial solid fuel. The aim is to produce a coal replacement combustible commodity for various applications that can be used responsibly in appropriate burning equipment with adequate purpose built flue gas clean-up. Contact us to find out how to transform your waste into a fuel.

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Plastic Recovery Solutions

Plastics are so diverse that it is difficult to come up with a classification accepted by all. All sorts of plastics are now found on our beaches, in the Ocean, in our rivers and all over planet Earth. We have found a technology suitable for recycling different streams of plastics. Please review our brochure and let us know if you wish to receive a reference list. The systems can be adapt for a variety of applications.

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