Corporate Social Responsibility

Witech Development Corporation seeks to develop projects not just for the bottom line but also to better humanity as a whole. These energy, waste and water projects are sorely needed in today’s world to ensure a better future for all. Along with new job creation in the sustainable economy of the future we invite partners to engage in unlocking better value at grass roots level.

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In life: The more you give - The more you receive

We see waste as a utilizable source of fuel readily available around the World. Unfortunately, it is mismanaged in many countries and the processing and logistics thereof frequently prevent the proper disposal and beneficiation from taking place.

Within the course of late 2019 early 2020 we will launch ‘The Green Blue Trust’ which will make use of a percentage of our combined group revenues to leverage donations & grants from other governmental, institutional and commercial funding partners to fund some of the less viable but sorely needed projects. These are projects where there is a huge need to bring jobs to the poorest or the poorest, disseminate environmental education and implement sustainable waste management and renewable energy production operations.


Waste Challenges in Central Africa