VISION: "Witech is an Eco' Solution Integrator"             MISSION "We are a provider of Integrated Solutions for balancing business necessities and environmental priorities"

Witech is an Eco' Solution Integrator

"We are a provider of Integrated Solutions for balancing business necessities and environmental priorities"

Our aim at WDC is to provide the Waste Management sector with a partner that takes the journey with developers and project owners to optimise and implement fit for purpose technology for recovering waste into energy, products and clean water. We represent several cutting- edge technologies in the water and thermal energy sectors from reputable international suppliers.

WDC is part of the Witech Group. The Witech Group of companies is dedicated to eradicating all types of waste and in doing so we offer a number of solutions and technologies to our clients around the Globe. Currently we work with reputable technology suppliers such as ACON es (Austria) and Shredwell Recycling (China). Still the pool of complementary services and technologies keep on growing. These are all linked to the eco-system required for the cities and communities of the future. We concentrate in supporting the rolling out of projects which are modular and containerised and therefore invest in moveable CAPEX which offer a number of economic advantages to our clients.

Our mission is better described with this simple equation which we summarise as follows;

Waste = Fuel, Fuel = Power generation, Power output = Wealth Generation, Wealth Generation = Resolving human and environmental problems.

The solutions we roll out is a small but meaningful contribution to our Planet.

Our key terms of engagements are based on sustainable projects which need to have a double mandate. This means we only move forward clients when:

1. We can resolve an environment issue and,

2. We bring long sustainable revenues to our clients.

What do we fundamentally offer to our clients besides bankable well proven technology? We have dynamic partners, consist of an incredible team, work smart and love challenges.

We recognise the huge financial burden that developers bear when developing energy projects, and aim to share this load by taking up equity ourselves on a case by case basis or suggest reliable and resourceful equity partners which take an active role in developing your project.

We provide top quality services

From a vast pool of partners and experienced team members we provide several services aimed at ensuring proper project development and execution.

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Pre-feasibility Studies

WDC has identified how difficult it is for our clients to bring a project over the line. We therefore offer a wide range of studies to help bridge the numerous milestones of Waste to Energy and Water Projects. Our Team is flexible enough to undertake projects in difficult locations. We are versed in English, French, Portuguese, German, Bulgarian, Russian, Zulu and Afrikaans and we are able to source specialized skills on a case by case basis.

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Waste Characterization

Waste is Fuel and all energy projects need to secure the right type of 'Fuel'. Our Team has done waste characterizations, fuel sampling and analysis and sorting trials throughout the African continent. We boast a very good waste database. Tests are done at reputable South African as well as Finnish laboratories, vetted by our equipment's partners and engineers. Why does waste need to be tested? Being the fuel, one needs to make sure that it is suited for the plants we sell. This is the key element in a waste to energy project.

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Environmental Assesment

Large investments linked to waste to energy projects require that the project sponsors invest in specialist studies to calculate and evaluate the impact the equipment might have on the environment. Most banks and funds make it one of the most important funding requirements that an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) be done before they even start a due diligence. WDC sources and/or vets the selection of EIA companies for our clients focusing on balancing local representation and quality.

Resourcing for the Waste Sector

We are able to source, find and appoint staff specialised in the waste management sector. These can act as in-house team members for clients or part time consultants that understand the impact of uncontrolled waste on our World. We bring to our client experienced knowhow and solutions to recycle, handle manage, dispose, pack, move (logistics) waste using the latest technology.


EPCM refers to Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management as a project is implemented. We provide this expertise through our Finnish Partners who have extensive experience to deliver turn-key solutions to customers all over the world. All construction items and tasks are designed and planned before hand in a way that optimises work-flow and enables precise management and reporting.


Witech offers operations and maintenance solutions for all the equipment we sell through back-to-back agreements with our principals. Specifically, now part of Sumitomo FW, has a unique approach to operating, maintaining and managing the power plants and their auxiliary equipment.

Funding and Project Matchmaking

The WDC team helps source funding for project developers. Our network enables us to find the ideal partners for different scales, types, and regions of projects. We have dealt with both sides of the fence and know what the requirements of bankers are and what the pressing needs of passionate entrepreneurs and social developers. Bridging the gap during the development and execution phases is essentially what this is about.

Water Solutions

WDC proudly represents an Austrian technology and solution provider called ACON.

ACON is our exclusive partners for biofiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis plants. The equipment we roll out is modular and our water plants are fitted in 20' or 40' containers ready to plug into a user application or water network.

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Project Evaluation

WDC can, on the client’s request, evaluate and analyse the commercial viability and technical feasibility of water projects. This is done by our inhouse chemical engineering team and experienced Austrian team from ACON representing several PHD’s

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The modular ACON reverse osmosis systems are some of the best in the World. They are built to last and can be adapted to all types of salt concentrations. Typically, the inlets and outfalls would be in the client scope of work. However, the team can assist with advice on different configurations and references.

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Wastewater sanitation technology from ACON is used in various industrial applications; i.e. for breweries, factories, communities, schools or hotels. Bio organisms are grown on very small clay balls which act as a mechanism for immobilisation. The plant's water is only released into the environment or into a close loop when it meets the required specification.

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We drink the water which comes out of our plants! ACON plants are cost efficient with extremely low power consumption and chemical use. Still, the operating costs used depend on the water we need to treat. ACONs track record speaks for itself with thousands of users drinking water produced from these plants. This technology is specifically used in conjunction with biofiltration and /or RO as well as for surface water treatment.

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Water Analysis

We provide sampling and testing services for interested clients. Alternatively, we can review our client water samples and advise accordingly on the right solution to adopt. Please do not hesitate to request our pre-feasibility one pager questionnaire for us to evaluate your needs and to propose a solution to your water challenges.

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ACON Ultra-Filtration | Ultra-Filtration QuestionForms | ACON Bio-Filtration | Bio-Filtration QuestionForm | Desalination | Desalination Questionnaire



Waste to Energy

We work with suitable technology suppliers to convert waste to energy on ANY scale. From 1ton per day to > 1000 tons per day. Particularly we offer a unique solution for medium sized municipalities and cities. They have developed a pre-fabricated and modular waste- to-energy power plant to offer emerging countries an alternative method for combined waste management and power generation. Utilizing waste otherwise destined for landfills taps into an endless renewable fuel source in local power generation and reduces greenhouse gas emission significantly. It also supports the core principles of circular and sustainable economy.

These plants are suitable for any waste quantity. A single unit can incinerate the MSW of about 200,000 people, while a decentralized solution can serve cities with millions of inhabitants. Locating the smaller size units close to the origin of the waste creates huge savings potential in the waste management and logistics.

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The W2E power plant technology we offer is based on the well-proven grate incineration technology, where the fed-in waste fraction moves forward on the reciprocating grate through the combustion phases; drying, pyrolysis and char combustion. Eventually the burn residue, the so called ‘bottom ash’, falls off into a cooling pool. Primary air is fed through the grate to support full combustion. It also acts as a cooling media for the grate reducing the need for maintenance work. Depending on the composition, and thus the calorific value of the waste, the incineration capacity varies between five and seven tons per hour.


An Ecosystem combines different waste-to-value technologies to extract maximum customer value out of different waste streams, while reducing the unusable waste quantity to a bare minimum. Key pieces in the ecosystem are the waste pre-sorting, waste recycling or waste-to-fuel solutions, as well as waste-to-energy solutions, such as biogas production, waste incineration or gasification and pyrolysis.

Ecosystem accepts all the waste streams, solid and liquid, that societies generate; municipal, industrial and commercial waste, wastewater sludge and animal waste, to mention a few. Each waste stream has its own dedicated technical solution that generates either end-products, raw material for other solutions or energy. Internal ecosystem synergies ensure that one plus one equals more than two.


Biogas is a microbially derived product from the anaerobic digestion of organic putrescible wastes. For projects where wastes are to wet to be burnt and where the organic content lends itself to be used to generate gas, we can support with technologies to generate this gas, process it and beneficiate it further as either a biomethane fuel or electricity and heat.

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Animal By-Products

Modern and efficient animal by-product rendering mills streamline the meat supply chain profitably. Potential revenue in the meat production is lost unless by- products are recycled to valuable commodities. We can help you to utilize the by- products in a profitable way. Efficient waste management is a cornerstone of any society. Recycling the supply chain by-products to produce high quality end-products creates additional revenue streams. Rendering plants process animal by-products into fat and meat bone meal. These can be sold in the world market or utilized locally in bio fuel production or as animal feed.


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In order to optimize our waste to energy power plants it is preferred to recycle the re-usable components and improve quality of the waste (our fuel). It is even more important for us all to begin to recycle in the comfort of our homes. Recycling starts with us - as individuals first - we are all equally responsible for the things we throw away without any consideration to our environment.

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Due to poor upstream recycling we were oblidged to bring a number of technologies which are used in different applications, depending on the types of waste you generate or wish to treat and also depending what kind of output you wish to redeem from your industrial recycling activities. Recycling will bring various streams of revenues to your business which we boast we can help you achieve.

Transfer Station

With our partners, we have managed and advised clients on a number of transfer waste station for municipalities. From equipment to resourcing the right staff in order for your company to comply with their municipal waste management contracts.

Waste Pre-Sorting

Waste per definition is a mix of unwanted materials. Pre-sorting can be automated or done manually and is set up based on the waste and the desired collectables. Typically, waste is fed into a shredder opening the bags and crushing the large objects. Crushed waste runs on a conveyor belt, where a magnet removes the ferrous metals, onto a screen that will separate small particles, like biowaste, sand, soil and ashes that are hard to pick by hand. Recyclables can then be removed and baled for sale. Biowaste can be used in biogas generation or composted. Finally, the remaining residues should be converted to energy to minimise landfilling!


We bring in and deliver, commission robust shredders which will shred most material processed, from cars to municipal waste, to bio- mass. What would you like us to shred?

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The some of the machinery we sell manufactures Solid Recovered Fuel for a wide range of applications and CV quality. We analyse your waste and then advise the right equipment to produce an industrial solid fuel. The aim is to produce a coal replacement combustible commodity for various applications that can be used responsibly in appropriate burning equipment with adequate purpose built flue gas clean-up. Contact us to find out how to transform your waste into a fuel.

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Plastic Recovery Solutions

Plastics are so diverse that it is difficult to come up with a classification accepted by all. All sorts of plastics are now found on our beaches, in the Ocean, in our rivers and all over planet Earth. We have found a technology suitable for recycling different streams of plastics. Please review our brochure and let us know if you wish to receive a reference list. The systems can be adapt for a variety of applications.

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ACON-Plastic (English) | ACON-Plastic (French)

Corporate Social Responsibility

Witech Development Corporation seeks to develop projects not just for the bottom line but also to better humanity as a whole. These energy, waste and water projects are sorely needed in today’s world to ensure a better future for all. Along with new job creation in the sustainable economy of the future we invite partners to engage in unlocking better value at grass roots level.

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In life: The more you give - The more you receive

We see waste as a utilizable source of fuel readily available around the World. Unfortunately, it is mismanaged in many countries and the processing and logistics thereof frequently prevent the proper disposal and beneficiation from taking place.

Within the course of late 2019 early 2020 we will launch ‘The Green Blue Trust’ which will make use of a percentage of our combined group revenues to leverage donations & grants from other governmental, institutional and commercial funding partners to fund some of the less viable but sorely needed projects. These are projects where there is a huge need to bring jobs to the poorest or the poorest, disseminate environmental education and implement sustainable waste management and renewable energy production operations.


Waste Challenges in Central Africa

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